“Bless the Church” Service – September 27, 2015

Reverend Kimberly Brumm stands in the center of the platform while the congregation is in the foreground of the image.

The Reverend Kimberly Brumm Conducts the “Bless the Church” Service

On September 27, 2015, a warm Sunday afternoon, Reverend Kimberly Brumm of the Richmond United Methodist Church officiated at a “Bless the Church” service at the Heart Prairie Methodist-Episcopal Church at East Richmond Cemetery. Approximately fifty people were in attendance. In addition to Reverend Brumm, others participating in the service were Lisa Bauer (flautist), Alexandra Kestol (Lighting of the Candles), Fox Bauer and Jonathan Kestol (Ringing of the Bells), and Solveig Quinney (a Norwegian Reading). Georgia Kestol-Bauer, the leader and coordinator of the Heart Prairie Methodist-Episcopal Church restoration welcomed those in attendance. She spoke briefly about the history of the church and she thanked those who have helped with their generous contributions of time and money to advance the restoration project.

After the service, refreshments were served outside and a number of attendees followed the self-guided tour of the cemetery. The tour map is included in the program reproduced below.

A few photos of the event follow. Click on any of the photos for a larger version.

Bless the Church Program

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