Fall Social and Wildlife Photo Exhibit

by Georgia Kestol-Bauer

I want to thank all those who were able to attend the fall social and wildlife photo exhibit at the church on October 9th. As it turned out, that Sunday afternoon was a beautiful Wisconsin fall day. The temperatures were moderate, the afternoon was sunny, and the fall colors at the church and East Richmond Cemetery were on full display.

If you were unable to attend the fall social and might be interested in the photos or note cards, click on the link below to see the photo gallery. High quality prints are available at very reasonable prices for those who might want to purchase. Take me to the photo gallery.

About sixty people attended the fall social event, and between donations, card sales, and photography print sales, we raised $988.00 for the church restoration fund. Thanks to you all. That amount of money helped finish the projects described in the project report.

I want to thank those who helped make the event on October 9th a success.

  • My helpers – Allison, Alexandra, and Charles.
  • Lisa, who provided beautiful flute music for the afternoon.
  • Quednow’s Organic Apple Orchard, who provided the delicious apple cider for the event.
  • Cookie Bakers, who provided a variety of cookies, including Norwegian sandbakkels and krumkake.
  • Area ministers, who spread the word about the Fall Social.
  • Area newspapers – the Janesville Gazette, the Janesville Messenger, and the Walworth County Messenger.
  • Jim Stewart,  Whitewater Banner website.

Lisa Bauer, Daughter of Georgia Kestol-Bauer, Provided Flute Music for the Event


Descendants of Peter Kestol – Left to right – Elizabeth Hjortland, descendant of Peter’s son Chauncey; Georgia Kestol-Bauer, descendant of Peter’s son Joseph; and, Gail Folkers, descendant of Peter’s daughter Jenny

Georgia's family at NAME

Georgia’s Family – Megan, Georgia, Allison, Lisa, Fox, Jonathan, and Alexandra

cec and birds

Charles Cottle and Exhibit Photos