Heart Prairie Appointments

In Salt of Earth, Arlo Anderson quotes from a P.E. report in the Conference report of 1854, that “At Cambridge, Hart Prairie and Sugar River some 30 souls have been converted to God and the Church”.

Also, A. Anderson state, Steen Steensen was appointed to Hart Prairie, his home congregation, where he had the satisfaction of building a church on his father’s land and of seeing 16 persons added to the original fellowship as a result of protracted meetings, as they were called . (this could be 1856 judging by Conference appointed, see below)

Heart Prairie first appears in Conference journal under Mission giving in 1855.

1856- Hart Prairie, Steen Steensen
1857- Hart Prairie, To be Supplied
1858- Hart Prairie, Norwegian Mission, John Olseon, Whitewater, Walworth Co.
1859- Hart Prairie, Norwegian Mission, J. Olseon.
1859(2nd)- Whitewater and Hart Prairie Norwegian Mission, o. B. Knudson
1860 Whitewater and Hart Prairie Scandinavian Mission, O. B. Knudson
1861 Whitewater and Hart Prairie Scandinavian Mission, c. P. Agrelius
1862 Hart Prairie Mission, C. P. Agrelius
1863 Hart Prairie Mission, to be supplied
1864 Hart Prairie, to be supplied
1865 Hart Prairie, E. Arveson
1866 Hart Prairie. E. Arveson
1857 Hart Prairie, to be supplied
1868 Hart Prairie, to be supplied
1859 Whitewater and Hart Prairie, P. K. Rye
1870 Whitewater and Hart Prairie, supplied by C. Anderson
1871 Ashippun and Hart Prairie, to be supplied
1872 Ashippun and Hart Prairie, C. Anderson
1873 Cambridge, Whitewater and Hart Prairie, C. F. Eltzholtz
1874 Not listed
L875 Not listed
1876 Not listed
1877 Not listed
1878 Whitewater and Hart Prairie, to be supplied by H. Danielsen
1879 Whitewater and Hart Prairie, H. Danielsen

In 1880 the Norwegian-Danish Conference was formed and all records are in Norwegian. Currently none of these journals are at our Archives.