Whitewater Banner – August 8, 2014 – Church Restoration and Open House Announcement

(August 8) Norwegian American Methodist Episcopal Church at East Richmond Cemetery Open House – Georgia Kestol-Bauer is a member of the Richmond United Methodist Church. She is restoring the Norwegian American Methodist Episcopal Church, off Cty P in the township of Richmond. It was built sometime in the early 1850s. Georgia’s great-grandparents, Peder & Anna Kjostolsen (who later shortened their name to Kestol) worshipped at this church. It is the second Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. (Cambridge boasts of the first; now Willerup United Methodist Church.) It is believed the church closed its doors around 1920. Georgia began restoration in 2006, after the township considered demolishing the building because of safety concerns. She has invested her own time and money and is determined to finish the restoration as soon as possible. Her goal is for the church to be used for meetings, weddings, baptisms, or even summer worship services. For more on the progress and pictures .

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